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Viking VIKING8


Viking is a very popular coin operated table made of strong formica laminate. This is the perfect pool table for leisure clubs, restaurants, pubs, bars and hotels. The top features of the table are a very durable construction and impeccable reliability. All Viking boards have a robust and simple construction that makes it easy to mount. The tables can be supplied with the slate plate already mounted in the table, or separately for assembly after the cabinet and legs are mounted in place.

Viking comes with electronic wake-up coin validator and battery. The battery provides up to 18 months of operation without connecting to 240v. In addition, the table is delivered with cable so that it can be connected to power for charging when needed. The table has an electric trigger mechanism for the balls that makes manipulation impossible. And it locks the cueball inside the game when not used.

The table has one has an aluminum frame designed to protect against damage. The frame has a rounded shape that makes it impossible to place objects on the surface. Default setup is rubber cushions from TBS and cloth from Europool. Can also be supplied with Simonis cloth and cushions from Artemis.

Technical data

  • Weight -240-320 kg
  • Slate thickness-19-22 mm
  • Height -80-85 cm
  • Table colours -basic : black, mahogany 
  • Cloth colours-yellow-green, blue-green, blue, red
  • Cloth- Eurospeed
  • Rubber cushions by TBS
  • Coin validator: Comestero RM5 electronic wake-up
  • Ball set and cues not included.

Recommended size for commercial use is 8 ft. If Standard does not meet your needs we offer customized tables.

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