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The requirements and advantages for the amusement sector are similar to the vending machine sector.  These are the most common advantage of using tokens in the amusement sector:

Security: Avoid burglary in your vending machines by replacing money with tokens.

Cash control: Less staff supervision required by use of change machines with tokens.

Price flexibility: The price of services can easily be adjusted by changing the settings of a central change machine instead of reprogramming all the coin operated machines. Tokens also allow for easy marketing or promotional ideas.

Increased sales: Unused tokens are sales at high margins. A large proportion of tokens get lost every year.

Customer loyalty – Branding: Personalized tokens going into wallets of customers are a great and effective way to strengthen your brand name and increase customer loyalty. Customers with custom tokens are likely to return to spend their unused tokens.

Souvenir value: Some customers keep their tokens as souvenir of the occasion.

Most arcades have a change machines with coins or tokens offering customers the flexibility to pay with any means to play on all machines in the arcade.

The customers are often recurring, so a custom made token is recommended rather than a generic standard token. This increases customer loyalty and reduces risk of receiving tokens from other companies.