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PIXEL - fun guaranteed

With the PIXEL Multipuck, we present a completely new playing experience. While a classic air hockey table already provides for bright enthusiasm among young and old, PIXEL sets new standards. The special feature of the table is, as the name already promises, that you can play with several pucks at the same time. 

Excitement, fun and joy of playing are guaranteed. Due to the large playing field, the table is suitable for 4 players at the same time, who let the different colored pucks fly over the playing field. To allow the pucks to glide over the playing field in an optimal way, the table is equipped with strong fans as well as a high-quality stainless steel playing surface. 

Plexiglas panels at the edges and in the middle of the playing field prevent pucks flying around, so that the players can let off steam completely. Not only the playing conditions are excellent, but also the visual appearance of the Multipuck is a highlight. The "pixel"-design combined with the high colorful luminous structure makes it an eye-catcher and invites to one or more rounds of air field hockey. The new experience with the Multipuck game system promises hours of playing fun, whereby the table finances itself in no time with the help of the integrated coin validator.

Details of the PIXEL Multipuck:

  • High quality air hockey table
  • Stainless steel playing surface
  • High performance fan
  • Suitable for up to 4 players
  • Multipuck play function
  • Plexiglas border
  • Eye-catching illumination
  • Automatic point counter
  • Robust construction
  • Eye-catching design
  • Integrated coin validator
  • Pucks and hammers included


Length: 240 cm
Width: 170 cm
Height: 193 cm