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High-quality airhockey table with over-head-screen

The airhockey table Kickshot by WIK is a Top-Seller. The modern design as well as the coin-op make it suits perfect for gambling-halls. The over-head-screen enlightenes the playing-field and shows the score on the LED-screens. In the middle of the table there is a Perspex disc which protects the players from flying pucks and provides additional security. The playing-surface is made from high-quality polycarbonate and provides in cooperation with the high-performance blower system (260W) a fast and fluent playing-experience. 4 hammers as well as 6 pucks are included. 

Details of the Kickshot:

  • Modern design
  • Over-head-screen
  • Stainless metal surface
  • Perspex disc for additional security
  • Electronic coin validator
  • High-performance blower-system (260W)

Standard Setup:

  • Accepted coins: NOK kr 5, 10 and 20.
  • Kr 20 = 1 credit.
  • 1 credit = 9 goals or 3 minutes playtime
  • Standard setup can be changed on demand
  • Dimensions: 8 ft (238 cm x 128 cm)
  • Package size: 243 cm x 136 cm x 49 cm, 
  • Weight: 214 kg