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Boxer - Champion Deluxe BOXCHAMPDL



For people who love to show their strength! Boxing machines continue their popularity by constantly renewing themselves. Our Classic Boxer amusement machines have technological solutions you have not seen on such machines earlier, such as servomotors instead of magnetic coils to drop the ball.

We can offer boxers in all colors and motifs. These boxing machines are on top of our customers' earnings list. In the past, boxing games was something that was found only in parks and large amusement venues. Think again! Our boxers can also be found today at Tusenfryd and Bø Sommarland, but also at bars, pubs, in bowling alleys, at fairs, local kick-offs and other events.

Software settings and features

  • Volume
  • Power correction
  • Best score limit, drop delay, drop value and reset
  • Credits settings and reset
  • Free-play mode
  • Restore default settings

Displays, Sound and Illumination

  • Red LED scores and credits display
  • LED illuminated policarbonate glass
  • Built-in 5,5’’ speaker
  • Internal amplifier

Body, Glass and Mechanism

  • Secure mechanism cover
  • Ball release: servo-mechanism
  • Glass made from single piece polycarbonate
  • Body made of gel coated fiberglass
  • Safety locks

Size and Weight

  • Width: 70cm
  • Depth: 122cm
  • Height: 210cm
  • Weight: 130kg

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