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Catch The Light - All Versions CTL


Test Your Reflexes

This hectic game pits two players against each other in a battle of wits and reflexes. Hit the buttons as they light, and build up your points as the clock counts down. Keep your score soaring above your opponent's, but watch out for unlit buttons - each one you hit deducts a point! Keep a cool head and lightning-fast hands to clinch this game.

Many Versions Available

With adjustable game times and different modes to select from, Catch The Light games can be set to entertain players of all ages and skill levels. Choose the full Whack Attack, Catch The Light or Neuron Race, table, which is fitted with a coin-op system that can be easily disabled. Or choose the tabletop version, which might lack the legs but isn't missing any excitement!

Catch The Light is an unusual and original addition to any amusement arcade.

More Information

  • Exciting tabletop reaction speed game.
  • For two players.
  • Tough powdercoated steel cabinet.
  • 6mm tempered glass top surface.
  • Hit the buttons as they light to build your score.
  • 8-bit soundtrack & audio effects.
  • Flashing light show.
  • Avoid unlit buttons or lose a point!
  • Adjustable game time and mode.
  • Full table version with various designs & portable tabletop version available.
  • Table version fitted with coin mechanism - easy to disable for freeplay.


  • Width: 127cm
  • Depth: 79cm
  • Height: 87cm
  • Weight: 78kg