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Shipping & Returns

Where does Parts 4 Pinballs deliver?
We distribute games to Norway and Sweden. We also deliver crucial Stern Pinball parts and accessories to our customers.

How fast is my order delivered & how do I track the shipment?
We now offer both seafreight and airfreight. Games shipped by sea has a normal transit time of 4 weeks when the game leaves the factory. Games shipped by air has a transit time of 10 days after leaving the factory. Games in our stock can ship immediately, but we normally only keep Pro games in stock, and mostly the newest title. Beware that in stock games will of course deliver faster than seafreight, but will also cost more due to extra shipping from our warehouse.

As long as the game is in stock at the factory, we can deliver it very fast. We deliver games to; Gardermoen (Oslo), Arlanda (Stockholm), Landvetter (Gothenburg) and Kastrup (Malmö) via several airports. Our airfreight price is negotiated with Scandinavian Airlines and Geodis Wilson with quality assurance so the games are freighted with care and standing upright as they should. There is a lot of variables with airfreight as it is with seafreight, so please contact us if you have questions or need more details.

Games are shipped first by train from Chicago to Port Huron, and then to Halifax, Nova Scotia. From Halifax by sea to Amsterdam where the container is transferred to a smaller boat to Gothenburg. Prices includes seafreight to Gothenburg, and it also includes insurance, and terminal fees. When you order a game from us, we will keep you posted via email with info provided from our freight forwarder.

Parts shipments
Our orders are shipped and handled mostly by the Postnord or UPS, therefore all delivery dates and times given are only estimates. We endeavour to get your order to you within the estimated delivery time, however, on rare occasions the delivery may be delayed, we can not be held responsible for delays by the courier / postal service or for any consequential losses you may suffer if the delivery is not on time for whatever reason.

Orders being shipped to remote locations may, on rare occasions, be slightly delayed by the courier / postal service.

Exact Shipping Cost on Parts
Exact shipping cost is shown on the order confirmation we send out after the goods are packed. Pinball parts has never been in retail boxes, and the variation of size and volume on these items makes it impossible to estimate the cost. If you need an exact cost on shipping before you confirm your order, then please give us 24 hours to collect your goods and check the weight and volume of the package. You can notify us through comments on your order or by sending a separate email. 

Changes in prices
Shipping companies have for some reason a habit of changing their cost prices with short notices. This will effect our pricing but we will notify you as early as possible. 

Damaged Shipment
Should any courier deliver a parcel which has significant damage to it then:

  • Ask the courier right there and then to sign a form stating that it was in this state on delivery.
  • Contact explaining what the situation is.
  • If possible provide digital images of the parcel.

If damage to the parcel is not found until after signing, please contact so we can solve the problem ASAP.

Can I have my order delivered partially?
If the parts that are not in stock has been confirmed by our supplier and will be in stock within the next 30 days yes. If we do not have a confirmed delivery date, we do not accept back orders.

Incomplete or faulty consignment
If you receive the wrong goods or certain items are absent from the order you have placed with us, then we advise the following:
Send an e-mail to containing the following information:

  • Customer name
  • Order number
  • Product number of the missing or faulty item(s).
  • An accurate description of the problem
  • Provide digital images of the parcel, if possible.
  • You will then receive information on how we will solve the problem ASAP.


RMA Treatment
1. Access your account
2. Find the order from which you would like to return something.
3. Apply for an RMA form from

Your RMA number is "valid" for only 14 days upon receipt. Only consumers/private individuals have the right to cancel any order related to the "Cooling off period" for a refund (items only - not freight).

  • Pack the product securely with impact-absorbing materials and include all peripherals.
  • Enclose the RMA Authorization email with the parcel (inside).
  • Clearly mark the parcel (on the outside) with the RMA No. that you receive from us.
  • The return parcel must be sent to our Return Department at your expense.
  • After examination and tests, we will make repairs or send a replacement as is deemed necessary.
  • We will send you an order confirmation and delivery note when your product has been repaired or replaced.
  • Any shipment without a Return Material Authorization Form (RMA) will need special treatment and the processing will be delayed.
  • If a item is tested ok, you will be charged a fee of NOK 200,- / €24,-.