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Payment & Currencies

Payment & Currency
Values shown in Norwegian or Swedish Kroner are for illustrative purposes only and are intended only as a guide. All games are invoiced in US Dollars. 

Why do we use payment in advance?

Payment in advance on games is due to the high value on the products. We also reward customers with a $200 discount or more on all Pro and Premium pinball games because of the advanced payment. The MSRP price on Stern's website is always higher than what we offer, and we have freight to Norway & Sweden ports included. Payment of parts and accessories by credit card is the most used and convenient way of payment on the Internet. At the same time, it simplifies our shipment to you as our customer. After the order is received, the goods will be packed and weight. We then email a proforma invoice PDF-file and payment link to you so you can confirm the shipping cost and total price before you pay.

We do not accept paypal. Paying us with Paypal is much more expensive than using your credit card. The reason for this is that you have to purchase the currency from Paypal before you actually pay us, and their rates is much higher than what banks charge. Bank Transfer and credit cards is safer, cheaper and faster!

Payment by wire transfer. 
We only accept bank transfer payments when you buy pinball games and other high cost machines. We do no longer offer payment via wire transfer on parts orders due to too much delays and unstable fees from various banks. If you have no other payment methods you can use, then please contact us and we will provide our banking details. A fee of 100,- NOK must be added to the cost of your purchase and shipping. When using electronic bank transfer, make sure you accept all the fees, otherwise the fees will be deducted in our end, making the payment incomplete and the shipment does not go out.