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Metallica Magnet Processor Board

Art.nr: 520-6801-00
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New updated revision D of the magnet processor board used on Metallica Premium and Limited Edition games. make sure your game has version 1.22 or higher before you install this board.

Click here to download Stern's Service Bulletin #182.

Instructions for Replacing Magnet Processor Board

  • 1.Locate the magnet processor board located under the play?eld. (See picture below).
  • 2.Unplug the (3) pin and (12) pin connectors from the magnet processor board.
  • 3.Remove the (4) ¼” Hex head screws securing the magnet processor board and take the board of of the play?eld.
  • 4.Install the new magnet processor board in place of the old board using the (4) screws mentioned in step (3).
  • 5.Reconnect the (3) pin and (12) connectors to the magnet processor board.