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Magic / Gameland

Art.nr: MAGIC


Airhockey table especially for children

Previously, air hockey was something that only youngsters and adults could enjoy, but now these games are also the right size for children. Magic and Gameland tables are both air hockey tables designed for the smallest. They have a play height of 67cm and are therefore perfect for children of young age. With reduced size of the playing surface, shorter legs and well-balanced dimensions, Magic & Gameland air hockey makes them the perfect tables for children all the way down to 3 years. Besides the height, these are like any other air hockey table in terms of rules, mechanics and electronics.

Magic comes with full LED lighting when playing, and all other lighting and decorations are of course only LEDs. The game is very easy to install and comes complete with electronic validator as we program to desired denominations or tokens. It comes with 4 mallets and 6 pucks. The score display and luminaire are mounted in the center console which also has a polycarbonate wall that protects the kids against any high-speed pucks.

we lowered the play field to make it better accessible for the kids

solid construction proven by years of experience and millions of players

modern software allowing you to easily personalize different settings


  • COMESTERO RM5 or NRI electronic coin acceptor
  • polycarbonate perforated playfield
  • LED lightning  system in the playfield
  • LED lighting system in the legs
  • digital score display
  • polycarbonate barrier in the middle of playfield
  • 260 W air pump 
  • 230v/50Hz power supply
  • power consumption: 60 W (demo mode) or 130 W (game mode)
  • accessories included: 4 mallets, 6 pucks
  • warranty: 12 months for enterprises, 24 months for consumers


  • 5ft: 1630 mm x 1070 mm,
  • package size: 1700 mm x 1150 mm x 460 mm,
  • weight: 136 kg