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Roll'n' Jump SKEEBALL


The Roll'n' Jump arcade game provide intense fun - perfect for video halls. The players roll the playing-balls over a ramp which has, at its end, holes with different point-values which are protected from a plastic-screen. The big LED-screen provides information about the score as well as the highscore. Both arcade games are equipped with an electronic coin-operating-systems. Furthermore a multiplayer-mode is included. This classic and timeless original alley ball roller game you remember has now been re-released with updated features and brand new LED Runway Lighting ! And as always, built to ensure minimum maintenance and enduring visual appeal!


  • bowling-agility game for video halls
  • steady plastic-screen
  • LED-screen shows points and highscore
  • equipped with coin-op
  • delivery incl. balls
  • multiplayer mode

Ddimensions: 310 x 80 x 240 cm
Weight: 255 kgs