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Aristocrat is an example of a snooker table that combines elegance and simplicity. The aim of designers was to create a table that would suit both traditional and modern interiors. There is an option of installing wooden cover on it so that it could serve as a dining or conference table.

Aristocrat is avalable as : 9 FT, 10 FT, 12 FT.

Table is equipped with a top quality Italian slate 38/45 mm, professional English cushions, leather pockets, and a tournament cloth STRACHAN „West of England GOLD 6811”. Optionally it may be equipped with a steel block.

* steel block- is a way of binding table's frame with a stone top which results in a better quality, dynamics, comfort and acoustics of the game.

Technical Details:

  • Weight: 240 kg - 320 kg
  • Slate thickness: 19-23 mm
  • Height: 80-85 cm
  • Table colours - light brown(oak ), red brown(mahogany), dark brown (palisander)
  • Cloth colours - yellow-green, blue-green, blue, red
  • Cloth - Eurospeed, optionally; Simonis 860, Milliken
  • Rubber cushions by TBS

If Standard does not meet your needs we offer customized tables.