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The Beatles v.1.20.0 code update


Stern Pinball has posted new code for The Beatles!

These code updates contain game enhancements including Stern Insider Connected compatibility, additional polish, adjustments, system updates and bug fixes.

Connected to Stern Insider Connected?

  • Open the coin door and press the black/enter button to enter Test Mode.
  • Using the 4 buttons on the coin door, navigate to the Stern Insider Connected Setup menu.
  • Using the 4 buttons on the coin door, navigate down to the Software Update menu.
  • If a software update is available, this page will give you the option to download and install it manually. From this menu you can also select to install these updates automatically.

New The Beatles code v1.20.0 for the Gold, Platinum, and Diamond models can be found on the following links:

Gold – v1.20.0:

Platinum – v1.20.0:

Diamond – v1.20.0:

This update and read me file can also be found on our website,, in the game code library.

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