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Led Zeppelin v0.98.0 Code Update


Stern Pinball has posted new Led Zeppelin code v0.98.0 for the Pro, Premium, and Limited Edition models.

This code contains numerous game enhancements including a wide range of Expression Light modes, giving players the ability to adjust and customize their lighting system across all models of Led Zeppelin! This includes "ORIGINAL SHOWS" (custom light shows to match the song playing), "REMIX SHOWS" (10 brand new song light shows), "ALL SHOWS" default adjustment (randomly selects between Original and Remix light shows when a new song is selected), "USER SET COLOR" adjustment (ability to set expression light color), "GENERAL ILLUMINATION" adjustment (ability to provide general playfield illumination during gameplay), and "MATCH MODE COLOR" adjustment (expression lights change color to match the arrow color of the current song mode).

This code update also includes a new Electric Magic Frenzy Multiball, additional polish, adjustments and bug fixes.

Pro – v0.98.0:

Premium – v0.98.0:

Limited Edition – v0.98.0:

This update and read me files can also be found on our website,, in the game code library.

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